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A Guide to Direct Mail

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(1) Is DM for you?

(2) Choosing your list

(3) The Offer

(4) Call to Action

(5) The Package

The Outer Envelope
The Letter
The Brochure
The Order Form
>>The Return Envelope<<
The Self-mailer
Your Printer

(6) The Copy

(7) Testing

(8) Tracking

History of DM

Finally we are on to the reply envelope. We already discussed the issue of whether they should be postpaid or not, and the gernal consensus is that it does nto help repsonse, but the overall cost is neglible.

There are only a couple of issues left with the reply envelope.

First, make sure that the address on it is correct! Wouldn't that ironic if you missprinted that. Don't laugh - it has been done.

Make sure it has the Zip  +4, barcoding, everything you can put on it to make sure it speadily makes tis way back to you.

Also, it is general practice to put some language diagnally across the upper left of th envelope like - POST OFFCE - PLEASE EXPEDITE or somthing else to give the sense to the new customer that this is an important correspondence.

Five-piece mailer:
The Outer Envelope
The Letter
The Brochure
The Order Form
The Return Envelope

The self-mailer:
The Self-mailer