A Guide to Direct Mail

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(1) Is DM for you?

(2) Choosing your list

(3) The Offer

(4) Call to Action

(5) The Package

(6) The Copy

(7) Testing

(8) Tracking


History of DM

Why track

Why track
Tracking the responses to your mailing is important for two reasons.

First, it lets you know how you are doing. That's generally the easy part.

Second, when you have a test running, you need to track the results of the test separately from the base mailing. Since you mailed both the same day (Testing 101), you get calls for both at the same time.

To begin with, if you have order form, code them differently. This can be as simply as putting a star in the upper right hand corner of one. If people call in their order, just ask, "Does your order form have a star?"

Another effective way to track is by using different phone nubmers on test vs the main mailing. Have a 2nd 800 number that rings to a different phone and track that. Another effective way is to have slightly different prices - $19.99 vs $19.95. Of course, with the Internet, having different URLS is very simple. If the list is your own, then mathcing peple up after they have ordered is the way to go. Mark who your test mailings went to, then go back through the orders and match them up to the list.